Give the gift of life skills to your teen

In therapy, we'll explore resources and attitudes for gracefully coping with challenges and not just surviving - but thriving. My goal is to see my teen clients take ownership of positive choices, realize their unique strengths and discover their balanced and healthy inner spirit. 

Parents, you are not to "blame" for your teen's behavior or challenges - and I'm not here to make you feel guilty or ashamed. Today's world can be both confusing and exciting for teens, due to social media, peer pressure and even rigorous college admission processes.

Young people learn and reinforce healthy mind-building skills in my Seattle area adolescent and college age therapy practice, as we work to resolve long-standing and crisis situations.

Good judgement and decision-making take time to develop; I'm here to help bridge the gap between youth and adulthood.

How can Seattle teen therapy help your young adult?

  • Teen eating disorders: body image, odd eating habits, sudden loss or gain of weight
  • Teen anxiety and depression: fear, sadness, irritability, anger
  • Teen life adjustments: new schools, new family situations, new friends, injuries
  • Teen cancer support: self or loved one
  • Teen learning challenges: impulse control, study habits, lifelong learning
  • Teen relationships: friendships and romantic relationships, bullying, popularity
  • Teen sexuality: sex education, promiscuity, pregnancy
  • Teen grief and loss: family members, friends, pets  


Benefits of Therapy

"I learned how to be more sensitive towards myself and as a result more sensitive to my mom. Now, my mom and I actually communicate."
~Young adult client

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Working with Teens

"Allison was different than other therapists - she was real. I didn't feel like she was judging me so I could be honest with her. I felt supported."
~ Teen client

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Bridging the Gap

"Allison is invested in her work. She is always looking for new ways to connect with young people and help them develop healthy minds."

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