Young adults, I will help you...

  • Appreciate and enhance important relationships 
  • Gain self-confidence and appreciation for your unique strengths
  • Improve grades and workplace interactions
  • Clarify short-term and long-term life goals
  • Release stress and regain control over your life  
  • Become more aware of life options you haven't considered
  • Boost creative problem-solving skills and self expression
  • Improve your communication skills IRL and on social media
  • Enjoy a safe place to share fears, hopes and anger

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Sarah Kay's TED talk about poetry and spoken word:

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If I actually spoke my mind, I’d be in deep trouble
— Teenager Posts, Tumblr
Sometimes I wish I could fast forward time, just to see if it is worth it in the end.
— I Speak Quotes, Tumblr
I want someone who know how completely insane I am and wouldn’t want me any other way.
— Teenager Posts, Tumblr